Leo love horoscope january 29

Sun enters Scorpio

By twilight, love takes over and you are asked a question that shows a partner is starting to understand. Text a psychic.

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Leo Horoscope

Opportunities and prizes you have to work hard to get are lining up now brainy planet Mercury makes you think smarter. You have to choose between an easy project with a useful cash prize and going for a difficult contest with a massive winner-takes-all-prize. The moon joins with Venus and Jupiter in your sign to set up a day of meetings, some planned, others unexpected. All of them will be interesting and some lead to exciting opportunities at work and in your private life. That could include love at first sight, while long-term partners could be sharing brilliant news.

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The Leo zodiac sign is known to be very aggressive when it comes to love relationships. You tend to have numerous love affairs since you travel a lot.

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This will have to change this year since you are looking to settle with one love relationship that will go to the next level. It is high time you started dating seriously by forgetting about flings. As per the Leo horoscope , there is a high chance that many Leos will get married this year. Marriage compatibility is on the rise, and no one wants to be left behind.

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You have to learn that you need to express your feelings differently this year. The Leo star sign should also learn how to put his or her spouse first when it comes to matters of love. Marriage is not like any other love affair that you have had, but marriage is a commitment that fulfills your life and that of your spouse. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Fostering peaceful and harmonious relationships with the people around you will be your primary concern this year.

According to the Leo love predictions , people around you will want to associate with you due to your positive vibes.

Daily Horoscope - Today's Free Horoscope 29 Jan , Tue | Vogue India

You are an optimistic and determined individual. No one should bring you down or question your character since you are who you are and nothing on earth can change that. Test Now! The Leo love horoscope reveals that this is the year you need to explore love to the fullest.

Do not give up on the things you want before they start taking root and this includes love. Many opportunities will present themselves for you to choose a spouse or partner.